Over Van Keulen Ontwerp English

Flag_of_the_Netherlands.svg Van Keulen Ontwerp is an independent design studio for interior architecture with a recognizable signature and a personal     approach. We attend both private as well as professional clients in any phase, from the early design of new construction to renovation. We advise and design, but most of all listen to your ideas and wishes. Engage in a dialog to find out which setting fits you best. We invite you to discover in advance. And of course it’s  possible to -without any obligations- make a call, to get an idea of what we can do for you.  


(Lucebert) Van Keulen Ontwerp symbolizes interior architecture with an inspiring character. Uncomplicated, authentic and pure. Architecture that invites you to see, feel, wander and discover, but most of all creates space to make the most of life. In our complete concepts, interior and exterior blend in a subtle way. We create contrast, break through symmetry with abundance and put accents in color, light and shape. Durability in a design doesn’t just translate into the use and re-use of original materials and elements. With respect for  the existing, creating a good balance between the familiar and the new. Durability also comes about with your ideas and our insights naturally woven into a timeless and lasting base concept. Which at the same time is easily adaptable to fast changing wishes. Therefore the space is always a reflection of your identity, in which you can live your ambitions to the fullest.